I love being single.

Especially as a Christian woman, it often feels like marriage and children are the goal. There’s a sense that if you’re single something must be wrong with you.

This doesn’t even take into account the larger cultural pressure of what I call “Hallmark philosophy,” based on the plot of so many romance movies on the Hallmark Channel. This is the idea that you can have “everything”-fulfilling job, great friends and family, meaningful life but that special someone, you’re destined to be unhappy.

I want to speak up for singles who love where we are in life. People are single for a multiple of reasons, so I can only speak for myself, but I consider it a major blessing that I’m not married and here are 8 reasons why.

1. I Haven’t Found the Right Person: I’m not a huge proponent of the idea of “soulmates” or “true love,” but I do know that if God wants me to marry, He’ll let me know. Since He hasn’t, I’m much happier to remain single than to pursue a relationship He hasn’t called me to.

2. I Get to Be Independent: I’ve never truly been my own person before. My parents were in charge throughout my childhood; my Christian college had strict rules and treated us more like children than adults. I love, for the first time, being able to do whatever I please, with only God and my conscience as my guide.

3. I Can Travel: For my job at least during non-Covid-19 I traveled all over the country to teach at conference going to visit friends or family. With nothing on me or waiting for me at ho e, I can suitcase and hit the road.

4. I Can Focus on My Family and Friends: This leads right into another point. Or holidays, I don’t need to worry if were seeing his family or mine. I get to focus on my family, and not feel tugged elsewhere. All the time, concern, and might go to a spouse is directed toward immediate family.

5. I Can Be Financially Independent: It may seem worldly, but I love being completely in charge of my finances. I don’t have to worry if my spouse has spent too much or clear my purchases with someone else. If I have the money in the bank and decide to use it on yet another stack of books, there is nothing to stop me.

6. I’m Free to Follow God’s Call at the Spur of the Moment: People who are married of course follow God’s call. However, there are certain restrains that must be considered when making big decisions like switching jobs, moving etc. It is a joint decision, and dreams may be delayed or prohibited because one spouse isn’t in a position for that spontanely.

7. I Can Live with Friends: Speaking of moving, being single is a fantastic time to experience the joys of living with friends. It’s so much fun to decorate an apartment together, experience a new city, host gathering. I’ve been blessed with amazing roommates.

8. I Can Focus on My Career: Before immediately jumping to 1Timothy 6:10 and the love of money being the root of all kinds of evil, let me assure you I’m not talking about money here. However, I have felt God’s call to my career more than I’ve felt called to anything else in my life.

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