Memories remind me of the wind.

The way it comes and goes, having such power and boldness but pausing whenever it decides to.

Never allowing any force to override it’s decision, wins comes.

Whether it would be a refreshing breeze or a dangerous storm causing nothing but destruction, wind always comes.

On this particular day, I was battling a dangerous storm full of memories and no matter how hard I tried to ignore them, there force overrode my mental strength.

I looked around; however, I did not see the present, I saw the past.

I did not see the crowds of people standing alarming close to me, I saw him.

He was running around this very train, dancing to the quiet music played in the back ground.

The music that he said was solely played to drain out the awakward silence exchanged between strangers.

I must have been crying as I looked around at the past, realizing there was no future with them.

My tears felt hot on my face, but they did not remain there long.

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